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Rates from 9.3% APR, to 32.7% APR are available, our highest rate is for customers with severe credit problems. 16.7% APR is typical (for example purposes only) but subject to status. Calls may be recorded for training purposes. A fee of 0% up to 15% may be charged. Exclusive Finance processes all loan applications.

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Understand our repayment calculator

Our calculator is here for illustration purposes only, its designed to give you a rough idea of how the loan and repayment structure works. Please submit a full application for a personalised quotation based on your current tangible financial position. We take into account your credit profile, current employment position, the equity in your home, and your overall ability to repay the loan. The initial credit search will not show on your credit report, only when you accept and proceed will it show an official search on your file. Once we receive your application, you will be contacted by telephone to run through the rest of your application detail, and to answer any further questions you may have. The underwriter will disclose your monthly repayments, and will then be in a position to email your new loan docs to you for signing.

(example of "Good" history) a loan applicant who is employed full time, with no arrears or CCJ’s, and has a small amount of unsecured debt.

(example of "Average" history) an applicant who is employed or self-employed with accounts, no mortgage arrears but is behind 2 months on a credit card.

(example of "Poor" history) an applicant who is employed or self-employed with no accounts, 2 months mortgage arrears, a CCJ and unmanaged unsecured or secured debt.

In all cases, you must ensure your mortgage plus requested loan amount when added together are less than 85% of the total property value to qualify for a secured loan with us. Please add together (mortgage balance + required loan then subtract from your property value to find your equity percentage)


1. My loan is accepted, what do I do now?

Once you receive the paperwork pack, please complete all paperwork and send it back in the prepaid envelope provided. Your loan can be dealt with swiftly if all documentation is completed correctly, and sent promptly.

2. What do I need to send back to you?

You will need to return your signed secured loan agreement documents; these can be found in the loan pack folder sent to you. In the letter accompanying the loan pack, we've listed certain items we need such as your identification and proofs. Please return these with your signed loan documents, as we'll need to verify this information before we release funds.

3. I'm worried about sending original documents; such as my passport etc.

We provide a freepost envelope, which you can use to return your signed loan documents. However If you feel unsure about sending original documentation back in this envelope, please visit your post office and request a Royal Mail Recorded Special Delivery.

4. Who should I ask to be my witness?

Your witness should not be a family member or someone who lives at your address. You should have known them for at least a year. They should also be someone you trust, as they will need to read parts of your loan pack and watch you sign certain documents.

5. How much will my loan cost?

The interest rate you pay on your secured loan reflects your personal circumstances. Any fees that we charge are listed clearly in your loan pack. If you are in any doubt, please contact us to run through all the figures with you.

6. When will I get my money?

This relies on when we receive your signed and completed pack + requested items and proofs. Usually you will receive your funds within 30 days after receiving this information. Funds are either transferred by CHAPS or sent by cheque.

7. Can I repay my secured loan early?

Yes, you can repay your loan early. The method of calculating the repayment can be found in your pack. Early repayment carries a small penalty cost.

8. Can I top up my loan?

Usually this is fine, as long as you haven't borrowed the maximum amount you are eligible for. If you would like to make any changes like this please contact us directly.



In assessing a secured loan application for credit, enquiries will be made about you including searching records held by Credit Reference Agencies and by checking details with Fraud Prevention Agencies. If you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud we will record this. The Credit Reference and Fraud Prevention Agencies will keep details of any searches.

Information held about you and by the Credit Reference Agencies may already be linked to records relating to one or more of your financial partners. For the purpose of this application you may be treated as financially linked and your application will be assessed with reference to any 'associated' records.

If you are a joint applicant or you have told us of some other financial association with another person, you must be sure that you are entitled to disclose information about your joint applicant or anyone referred to by you. An association between joint applicants and between you and anyone else you tell us is your financial partner will be created at Credit References Agencies and shall remain until a successful disassociation has been registered with the Credit Reference Agency.

Your consent is required for us to disclose details of the application and how you conduct your account (including any default) to Credit Reference & Fraud Prevention Agencies. This information may be used to help us and other organisations:

(a) assess the financial risks of dealing with you and other members of your household
(b) to help make decisions on motor, household, credit, life and other insurance proposals and insurance claims
(c) to administer agreements & insurance policies with you
(d) to help prevent or detect fraud, prevent money laundering or other claims, recover debts and trace debtors and
(e) for statistical analysis about credit, insurance and fraud.

If you request home insurance we may pass information about you to any organisation approved by us to enable them to arrange and administer the requested plan and for the purposes of underwriting, claims handling and fraud prevention (which could include passing details to other insurers).


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