Saving the Planet with Mary Poppins and Homeowner Loans

Home improvements can make an enormous difference to a property – many people find themselves unwilling or unable to risk moving – and upgrading – during the current housing climate, instead preferring to add onto their existing home. We often fund homeowner loans for people seeking conservatories, extensions, loft conversions – the odd summer house, a garage/den/playroom –  in fact, you name it, we’ve probably provided a happy customer with a homeowner loan for it.

And while our customers truly do appreciate the extra space – as winter approaches at a rapid rate, there’s the not-so-small matter of heating to consider, so short of creating a custom-made snow suit or hibernating through the forthcoming chilly months, what can be done to ensure we don’t spend the next few months without chattering teeth and empty wallets?

Thankfully – plenty!

As energy bills are set to soar higher and higher, our top ten tips for saving money and energy offer a helpful nod in the right direction to avoid breaking the bank and saving the planet in the process. Bargain!

  1. Speculate to accumulate.

    It may take an outlay to reap the rewards for making your home more energy efficient but you can rest assured, once you’ve made the initial investments, you should see a significant reduction in your heating bills.

    Installing double glazing, loft insulation, water tank insulation, cavity wall insulation, draught proofing and replacing old boilers can all help to keep temperatures up while keeping your energy costs down. Don’t have the cash to put the initial measures into place?

    With appleloans homeowner loans, we could provide you with the means to achieve a massively increased level of energy efficiency in your home, reducing your monthly spending on a commodity which only seems set to rise in price.

  2. Turn lights off.

    If this sounds simple – it’s because it really is. If it’s dark when you enter a room, turn the light on. When you leave said room – turn the light off. Straightforward yet an easily overlooked way to cut costs.

    Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.
    - Albert Einstein.

  3. Grow Your Own…

    There are still plenty of companies prepared to provide solar panels to eligible houses for free.

    Literally – You. don’t. pay. a. penny.

    Seem too good to be true?

    People are actually saving up to 50% on their annual energy costs by having solar panels installed by companies who need to meet certain government requirements for energy conservation

    Could you be generating a huge portion of your own energy thus massively reducing the amount you spend.

    It’s worth finding out. Your bank balance will thank you later. Again though, if you’re not actually eligible for a freebie, there’s nothing technically stopping you using your own initiative – and if you need funding, a homeowner loan could be a huge help.

  4.  Chim, chim, cher-ee…

    Not just an integral prop in Dick Van Dyke’s famous skit nor Santa Claus’ favorite means of entry – did you know that chimneys can also be major energy wasters?

    A massive amount of heat can actually be literally going up in smoke as it rises through the chimney flume – and out of your nice, warm home.

    If you don’t use your fireplace, block up the chimney using cardboard or newspaper to conserve the heat.

  5. “More tea, vicar?”

    There aren’t many disasters in life that can’t be made a little better by a cup of tea – we British are famed for our appreciation of the beverage. A cuppa, a brew, a teapot – in bone china, a thick handled mug, a flask or little plastic cup – we sure do love our tea.

    So we certainly wouldn’t do anything as heinous here as suggesting re-using the bag to save on pennies – though what we do suggest is only boiling as much water in the kettle as you need. Reboiling water needlessly is a waste. A waste of water. A waste of energy and ultimately – a waste of money.

    If you do decide to go down the route of insulating, installing double glazing or replacing an on-it’s-way-out boiler and would like to get a quote from Apple Loans click here. We take genuine pleasure in helping out customers to make their dreams a reality. And if those dreams happen to do their bit to save the rainforest – we’ll gladly share a little good karma too.

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